My name is Shane Waters I am a Las Vegas native who came to Chicago to pursue my undergrad at Columbia College Chicago. I am currently a graphic design major in my senior year. I have an associates in Art as well as General studies from the college of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. I originally Started at Columbia in 2005 as a photography major but left when my son was born. I moved back to Las Vegas and began perusing my associates part time to balance with work. When my son became old enough I decided it was time to finish my undergrad and made the decision to move back to Chicago to do so. I decided to go forward as a graphic design major because I wanted to incorporate technology more into my studies. My background in art is most based in fine arts with emphasis in painting, drawing and photography. Mediums I most commonly work with include oil, watercolor, pen and ink, chalk pastel and pencil.

I come from a very culturally rich family but mostly identify with my Native American heritage. I married my childhood sweetheart a when I was twenty one years old. She and I are both Native American with her representing the northern west coast as an enrolled Klamath member and I represent the great lakes area as an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation.


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