Transition to Tech

My previous degrees are basically in the fine arts and core classes like English and History and I must say my transition to the technological world has been a little bit of a struggle for me. I’m not really sure where I land generation wise but I think I’m just short of the millennial, technology wasn’t quite the norm when I was in high school computers weren’t even really used that often (except to type out reports) I can remember when the DVD came out and the CD I can even remember dial-up internet or even when it became available in homes for the first time. As I have always been involved in the arts I never really had a chance to make the transition to tech as smoothly i a had hoped. If there is any advice anyone could offer to give me just a little insight as to how I can do this a little easier I’m all ears, Because lets face it tech isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the talents of yesteryear don’t seem to be quite as relevant.


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