I love the look of this site


Coding ehh…

I think the whole idea of coding is where I have the hardest time in this class. for me I have this picture in my head as to how I would like my final website to look but as we move forward in this class I cannot seem to wrap my head around how I am going to achieve that look. I’m sure as we go things will unfold and become easier to deal with but right now I just don’t see it. All I can do is keep trying and work for the best I can achieve .

Color Translation

One of my main concerns in building a website is how images are sized and how the color translates from real life images to the computer screen. The image i have included seems to have translated well but it took alot tweeking and adjusting to get the colors to read right I am hoping there is an easier way to acheive the results I want. An another issue I hope we adress in class is how to properly size an image for veiwing online at this point i have been taught how to adjust for print but digital online veiwing hasn’t really been covered in any of my classes.

Transition to Tech

My previous degrees are basically in the fine arts and core classes like English and History and I must say my transition to the technological world has been a little bit of a struggle for me. I’m not really sure where I land generation wise but I think I’m just short of the millennial, technology wasn’t quite the norm when I was in high school computers weren’t even really used that often (except to type out reports) I can remember when the DVD came out and the CD I can even remember dial-up internet or even when it became available in homes for the first time. As I have always been involved in the arts I never really had a chance to make the transition to tech as smoothly i a had hoped. If there is any advice anyone could offer to give me just a little insight as to how I can do this a little easier I’m all ears, Because lets face it tech isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the talents of yesteryear don’t seem to be quite as relevant.